"It was great to have someone to help when I got to the Bed and
Breakfast in Venice, and  could not get in.  You got me another place
in less than five minutes when I called you." M.B.N.
Dream Vacations, Excellent Service

We can take you to the place of your dreams without the
hassle of hours of pre-trip planning.  Let us do the hard
work, while you do the vacationing.  Our travel consultants
are specialists in their fields.  We can help plan that trip,
whether for vacation, honeymoon, or family reunion.

We also have services for the business traveller who
wants the ease of booking with an expert in the field.

Plunge into the most luscious vacation ever!  If you
have dreamed of a place that is like no other, we
have the place for you!  
A Little About What We Do

Consulting...We  bring over 25 years of experience with
contacts in countries around the world to you, the traveler, so
you can have the best planned vacation ever.

Advice....We will advise you on what to see, where to stay,
and also what not to do when you go.
Our professional staff is here to serve you.
We've been in business for over 25 years.
Call 703-556-6561 or 434-219-0454
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